Terms of Service

Standard Procedure at the Service Center.

  • You are expected to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the booked time.
  • Upon arrival at the premise, please present your vehicle to the gate Security.
  • You will be guided you to a parking bay where the vehicle inventory will be taken by one of the Security Officers with your presence.
  • Please ensure to remove all your valuable items from the vehicle as Micro will not be able to take responsibility for such valuables.
  • Please be mindful to alert the Security Officer with any special matters that need attention.
  • If you have any items that need securing, please ask for a day locker from the Security Officer.
  • Please ensure that the battery serial no, brand of tyres, fuel level and any other important items are marked in the inventory.
  • After you receive a copy of the inventory please proceed to the front office lobby.
  • Please use the Console located at the entrance to insert your booking number and obtain a ticket. Customer Service Ambassadors will be more than happy to guide you should you need any assistance.
  • Your ticket would contain a ticket number and the estimated time within which you would be served by one of our service advisors
  • For customers who require services for heavy vehicles such as busses, trucks and vans the Service Advising for job opening as well as waiting area are located outside the front office at the Heavy Vehicle repair section.
  • If you arrive on time, usually you will be served within 30 minutes after obtaining a ticket.
  • Please take a seat and enjoy the comfort of our lobby and background music until your ticket number is displayed on the wall screens.
  • When your ticket number is displayed on the screens (audible sounds will alert you) please proceed to the relevant counter and present your ticket to the Service Advisor.
  • Your Service Advisor would assist you from there onwards with your concerns and requirements about the service.
  • Please do not forget to complete the Customer Feedback Form which your Service Advisor would handover to you, and place it in the collection box located in the lobby.

For Early Arrivals

  • If you arrive very early, (example 1 hour and 30 min earlier than booked time) your ticket number may not be called at least until 15 minutes before the booked time.
  • This is to ensure that other booked customers do not get penalized due to early arrival and also to encourage booked customers to arrive on time.

For Late Arrival;

  • If you arrive very late, (example 1 hour 30 min later than booked time) your ticket number may not be called for at least 15 more minutes after obtaining the ticket, as a penalty for late arrival.
  • Therefore, time for meeting a Service Advisor may be extended up to 45 minutes after obtaining the ticket.
  • If you arrive late and after 4.00 PM, your booking might not be accepted by the Advisory Desk.
  • This is to ensure that other booked customers do not get penalized due to late arrival and also to encourage booked customers to arrive on time. The late arrivals will be compelled to be treated as walked in customers. Also the completion of the repair / service may get delayed depending on the work load of the workshop.

Validity of Your Booking

  • Your booking number is valid only between 8.00 AM and 4.00 PM of the booking date.
  • You can only obtain one ticket for your booking number.
  • Your booking is valid for only one vehicle.
  • You can Reschedule or Cancel your booking before the booking date.

Verify Your Credentials with System Information

  • When you meet your Service Advisor, please ascertain that your customer details and vehicle information are up-to-date and accurate.
  • If there are any discrepancies of the information, kindly inform your Service Advisor and he/she will update same for you.
  • Please articulate your concerns and requirements clearly and ensure your Service Advisor enters them in the job card.
  • Please verify the accuracy of concerns in the job card and sign.
  • You can also ask for your copy of the Job Card from your Service Advisor.

Important Points for Customer

  • If you are arriving for the first time complementary service, you are entitled for a gift and please remember to obtain this from your Service Advisor.
  • Your first three complementary services will be provided with free of labor charge. However, any replaced items and consumables such as lubricants will be chargeable.
  • Your vehicle warranty will be valid and intact only if you maintain your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s maintenance specifications at Micro Service Center or an authorized service dealer point.
  • Not following maintenance guidelines will strictly result in your Warranty being Null & Void.
  • Please ensure to check your vehicle along with your Service Advisor and accept it in conditions satisfactory to you.
  • Please ensure to check if any removed parts are returned to you for verification to ascertain installation of new parts. Note: oil filters and fuel filters are usually not returned due to messiness.
  • Once vehicle is released, Micro would not be able to take responsibility of any damages, scratches, missing parts, concerns not attended to, missing carpets, etc.
  • For those customers who may have any previous outstanding credit or insufficient funds to pay the total invoice, the vehicle may not be released until all payments are settled.
  • No cheques will be accepted unless they are bank guaranteed cheques.
  • If you are a corporate customer, please inquire about the Micro Customer Loyalty Program from the credit controller and find out the possibility of enrolling for program’s privileges.
  • For the comfort of customers, Micro has offered free shuttle service, comfortable lounge facilities, TV, Wi-Fi, internet, cafeteria and a viewing gallery equipped with CCTV cameras.
  • For the convenience of customers, a cafeteria is available in the lounge for purchasing food and beverages.
  • Customer Sales Counter is available and is located on the upper lounge for you to purchase any parts or material that may be required.
  • Customers who book through on-line booking engine are reminded that bookings made after 12 noon may not be able to complete the job on the same day depending on the service center demand and the nature of job and hence it is recommended to contact service desk at 0117 844 844 to ascertain this
  • If you need any special attention or have a complaint to make, please ask for the attention of Service Manager.
Modified: 2014-12-17    Created: 2009-07-13